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February 1, 2024 / by / W cup

Winsunited presents the W Cup in the heart of the UAE

Embracing the global spirit of football, the winsunited cup, also known as the W Cup, is set to take the football world by storm.
Launching in 2024, the W Cup is a groundbreaking football competition that will become a biennial extravaganza, aligning with the FIFA window for friendly matches during the springtime.
This International Football Tournament is where champions are born, and dreams find their realization. The inaugural edition of the W Cup promises to enthrall fans worldwide. The tournament kicks off on March 22 with the group stage matches, building up to the grand finals on March 26. Proudly hosted by the UAE, the event will showcase the talents of the National A teams of Croatia (FIFA rank 10), Egypt (FIFA rank 33), Tunisia (FIFA rank 28), and New Zealand (OFC rank 1).
While the draw for the W Cup is eagerly awaited, it will bring forth essential information about match locations, kick-off times, and tournament sponsors. Stay tuned for the official announcements that will unveil the exciting details of the W Cup, promising an extraordinary celebration of football excellence.

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