Stadium 974 – Qatar WC2022

💡Stadium 974, which was constructed from 974 shipping containers and represents the nation’s international dialing code, will now be demolished following the hosting of the final game planned there on

World cup 2022

⚽️📱Football unites the world and what better stage than a FIFA World Cup to send out some important messages, though, many might find it ironic given the controversies surrounding the

#NotWomensFootball campaign

⚽️#NotWomensFootball -A powerful campaign from Volkswagen AG, amplifying the voice of equality for women. 👫The campaign highlights that both men and women play football equally and intends to dispel the

Sports business growth in ME region

Dubai Sports Council recently announced that the sports sector’s contribution to Dubai’s economy exceeded Dhs9 billion in 2021. 💡  Contribution of sports to UAE’s GDP rose to 2.3%. 💡  The sector

FPL continues to grow

📲Popular fantasy game- Fantasy Premier League (FPL) has grown to 10.7m users this season, up 1.6m over the 2021/22 season (+18%). 💥The previous record growth was seen in 2019/20, of 1.3m

Social media strategy

💡 When putting together a social media strategy, it is crucial for leagues, teams, brands, and athletes to know whom they are targeting with what piece of content, and what’s

Purpose-driven marketing

💡Fans expect brands to take initiative and showcase progress. Fans value sponsors who support social causes they support. 💡A Nielsen study suggested, despite the increased focus on societal issues around