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Sponsorships in football – fan loyalty data facts


Sponsorships in football – fan loyalty data facts

?Appeal of sports sponsorship, especially in football, has been consistently growing which has seen many more brands open to it.

?Even in an era of endless distractions, viewers are paying attention to sports sponsorships.

?As per a Nielsen study:

?67% of football fans think brands are more appealing when they participate in sports sponsorships.

?56% of football fans are likely to inform themselves about brands that sponsor sporting events

?59% of football fans would pick a sponsor’s product over a rival’s if price and quality were the same

?Sports marketing cannot be neglected in this day and age

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Purpose-driven marketing

?Fans expect brands to take initiative and showcase progress. Fans value sponsors who support social causes they support.

?A Nielsen study suggested, despite the increased focus on societal issues around the world, only 9% of people strongly agree that the measures big brands are taking around pertinent issues are improving the connection between brands and fans

?Studies suggest purpose-driven campaigns could help bolster short-term sales by 50%. In the longer term, purpose-driven campaigns can deliver a 1.2x-3x growth in sales.

?This is a massive opportunity being missed by brands! We are happy to connect with brands exploring the route.

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