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Sponsorships in football – fan loyalty data facts


Sponsorships in football – fan loyalty data facts

?Appeal of sports sponsorship, especially in football, has been consistently growing which has seen many more brands open to it.

?Even in an era of endless distractions, viewers are paying attention to sports sponsorships.

?As per a Nielsen study:

?67% of football fans think brands are more appealing when they participate in sports sponsorships.

?56% of football fans are likely to inform themselves about brands that sponsor sporting events

?59% of football fans would pick a sponsor’s product over a rival’s if price and quality were the same

?Sports marketing cannot be neglected in this day and age

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FPL continues to grow

?Popular fantasy game- Fantasy Premier League (FPL) has grown to 10.7m users this season, up 1.6m over the 2021/22 season (+18%).

?The previous record growth was seen in 2019/20, of 1.3m additional users vs. the prior season. (Source: Tifosy Capital & Advisory)

⚽️FPL has proved to be one of the best fan engagement tools for The Premier League. ?It gets people hooked on to even the most boring games. ?It gets people talking about the games ?It has led to multiple content creators ?Engages fans throughout the week as they consume FPL content and talk about the league across social media channels ?Sports fans love to compete. FPL mini leagues and contests make the game even more fun

?It has also opened another avenue for the league to engage commercial partners (existing league partners or platform specific).

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Meta partnership with International Cricket Council (ICC)

? Meta announced its partnership with the International Cricket Council (ICC) to show users the best moments from the ICC T20 World Cup Australia on Reels.

?Fans will be able to access match highlights and in-play clips as well as engage and create Reels with exclusive augmented reality (AR) effects and a fan anthem to support their favourite teams.

?Short form video content has been a big hit. The proliferation of content across platforms has also sparked increased consumption of
additional sports content—both related to and not related to live matches

?As per a Nielsen report, the demand for content related to a live event (match announcements, highlights, recap videos, etc.) is almost as high as it is for digitally delivered events themselves.

?Non-live sports content has the power to attract new audiences to sports as well, particularly for Gen Z and platform like TikTok has done a great job with it, associating with a number of different sports properties across sports.

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